2021 F4 US Championship Rookie

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Ever since I was 3 years old, racing has excited me and that excitement has grown into a my passion.  I live life one corner at a time, one lap at a time, always looking ahead and setting up for the perfect pass. No matter what happens to me on my life  journey, my passion will always be in racing.

Jason Alder

Driver, AB Motorsports

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“It’s the race track – that’s all that matters”

This is Jason Alder
Born to Race

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Five questions with VRD’s Jason Alder, from Road America

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From racing go-karts at age 6 to sliding behind the wheel of a Legends car in 2017, the desire is to one day drive in the NASCAR Cup Series.

  Fighting Type 1 Diabetes


Diabetes is a major part of the Alder family. AB Motorsports is committed to supporting the mission of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.